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Restoration from Swift Memorials in yorkshire
Our renovation service is very comprehensive including all aspects of cleaning, damage restoration and stain removal also refixing using approved ground anchor systems required by cemetery authorities.

We also specialise in additional lettering ensuring a near to perfect match of the new lettering to the existing using traditional methods and computer technology with printed proofs provided for clients to approve prior to cutting.
This memorial required very extensive cleaning the whole grave needed lifting and new stone plinth work to support it as none were provided originally also matching lettering was added to the panels on the kerbings and the inner area was covered with concrete and coloured chippings for it to be maintenance free.
As the one above this memorial also required extensive cleaning, the whole memorial needed lifting, new stone plinth work and the inner area covered with new concrete flags and chippings.
This marble book memorial has been brought back to almost new condition with a thorough clean and is complimented with a new stone plinth to lift it out of the soil and new cut and flushed lead letters added to the second page to match the original.
As the one above this marble book memorial has been transformed by a thorough clean and has been
re-lettered as the original layout with new lettering added to the front of the base as space was limited.
This memorial required fully cleaning, letters re-painting, a new deep stone plinth was provided to lift the memorial out of the ground together with a larger concrete foundation slab.
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