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ITALIAN WHITE MARBLE: This was probably one of the most widely used materials in the post war years as granite was too expensive and not easily worked. Marble has most of the characteristics of stone but is harder and polished to a smoother finish and being white in colour is appropriate for children's memorials.
The price of marble for memorials has always been under the price of granite up until about 20 years ago but as it is imported from Italy and the price of granite has come down in real terms with the introduction of mechanization and the importation from low labour cost countries, the cost savings are minimal.
Marble, like stone, is porous and in winter the moisture can freeze within it's surface giving rise to "sugaring" on the surface, a weathering effect that is it's long-term downfall. for this reason it is preferable to letter with flush lead filled letters for more permanency although letters can be cut and black enamel painted at less cost.

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